Thursday, December 11, 2008

MS Ireland blocks redirection 'hack' - eventually

Surfers attempting to visit Microsoft's Irish website via on Tuesday morning were greeted with a defaced page

Hackers sprayed digital graffiti bragging that Microsoft Ireland had
been hacked by the previously unknown "Terrorist crew". The message,
which contains greetings to other hackers, as is the custom with
defaced websites, did not arise through a direct attack on Microsoft's
site itself.

MS Ireland redirection graffiti

Rather, the miscreants succeeded in somehow re-routing the redirection page from to the main site.

Microsoft fixed the issue, which existed for a few hours, this
morning. The software giant promised to improved its security to
prevent a repetition of the incident.

"There was no issue with the Microsoft Ireland website, however
there was a security incident with one of the re-directs from the
'' domain to '' which is hosted by a
third party," a Microsoft Ireland spokesman explained.

"We resolved the re-direct issue very quickly and the Microsoft
Ireland site (and other Microsoft sites) were not affected by this
incident. We take these incidents very seriously and we are working
with the third party to ensure this issue isn't repeated. We have also
informed the relevant authorities," he added. ®


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Monday, December 1, 2008

Information Security Blog by Abhishek Amralkar: Pakistan Says Cyber Terrorist will be hanged

Information Security Blog by Abhishek Amralkar: Pakistan Says Cyber Terrorist will be hanged

India v/s Pakistan - Just more than cyberwar ?

Indian and Pakistani Hackers having been playing this game from quite sometime now, hacking into the websites of the other country. Indian hackers hacked into Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority’s and Pakistan hackers replied back by hacking into ONGC and AndraPradesh CID website.

I am really very upset with what has happened in mumbai and there is a limit to everything. I recall even during the Kargil war while the army battled in kargil, hackers hacked the other countries website. I am not sure if the situation is same or not but I want the bastards to justify their acts and they should be punished even if India has to take drastic steps so be it.

When Genuine Company Spams - SatGuide GPS Navigation

SatGuide is a product based company that sells GPS solutions, including Personal Navigation systems, Navigation kits for Laptops and Cell Phones.
And now I have received lot of spam from them to buy their product and in the email they said I requested the brouchers of their products at some mall which I know I never did and I use different emails for different reason so that tells me from where they got that email address. (I would love to pursue the bastard company that sold my email address to this freaking people).

Now I request all the people around in India or abroad whereever this company is selling its products please don't buy their products as they might have some product but Spamming is bloody not allowed for any reason and even if you still want to buy go and search about their products which will tell you not to buy anything from them. one of the many bad experience can be found at

Infact I would say go for MapMyIndia Navigator which is much better.
These are some of the links you might want to block at your company level

I understand the economic conditions are bad, companies are feeling the heat due to drop in sales and demand but this does not mean you can SPAM people. I requested to be removed from their email list 3 times but still nothing happened but now they are adding me to Yahoo Groups so that they can constantly spam me which is very irritating as I don't like their F**king product.