Thursday, November 27, 2008

ATS Chief dies a Hero's Death

Mumbai, Nov 27 (PTI) He wore a helmet,
talked on his cellphone and finally put on a bullet-proof jacket before
he met his deathly fate in the country's biggest terror seize.

Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare, who was
probing the Malegaon blasts case, suffered three bullet injuries in his
chest as he was leading the offensive against the terrorists in one of
the places the ultras had holed out early this morning.

The last television visuals of the 54-year-old officer showed him
in a light blue shirt and dark trousers surrounded by uniformed
policemen armed with firearms and walkie-talkies.

Karkare, a 1982 batch IPS officer, became the head of ATS in
January this year following his return to the state cadre after serving
seven years in Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in Austria.

One of the brightest officers, Karkare had solved the serial bomb
blasts in Thane, Vashi and Panvel and was also credited for the
stunning revelations in the investigation of the September 29 blast in
Malegaon. He is known for his discipline and fair investigation.

During the Malegaon investigation, Karkare had told his officers
not to create false evidence, saying, "We should do our job and it is
for the court to decide." Incidentally, the Pune ATS on November 26
reportedly received phone calls threatening to blow up the residence of
Karkare "within a couple of days".

In his last interview to a television channel yesterday, he
referred to getting the custody of Malegaon blast accused Sadhvi Pragya
Singh Thakur, and said "police custody would have helped investigations
to proceed faster but still we will see how best to deal with it in a
legal way".

My Salute to the great man


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Monday, November 10, 2008

Bank Of America Phishing Website

Have noticed some phishing websites hosting Bank Of America Website Pages with a Login page that captures User's login and Password details.

The following websites ask you which city your account is located then your customer ID and then on the next page it asks you for password which it captures and sends it to the phishers.
The following websites are standalone phishing website and don't host any exploits or malware in our tests.

The IP Addresses hosting the Phishing websites are :

The Urls of the Phishing Website(Don't enter any details on these sites):



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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pakistan Says Cyber Terrorist will be hanged

"Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari
signed a law making cyber terror a crime "punishable with death."
Executions will only be allowed if the hack attack "causes [the] death
of any person," the Prevention of Electronic Crimes law states."

are always in news over new malware, vulnerabilities, ID Theft or
Credit Card Theft. We have enough proof that even terrorists use
internet a lot because they can hide anywhere in the world and
communicate whatever they want to with each other. For. eq. recent bomb
blasts in ahmedabad terrorists sent an email from an Open Wifi
connection in mumbai and dared the indian government to stop them and
there is very little government can do about in such scenario. But the
best way is to react back and hit so hard at such bastards that nobody
ever dares to do something like this, government should make sure that
they are scared to death even in the dreams. Pakistan got a law in
place as now that anybody who causes death by electronic means will be
punishable by death, the maximum punishment in India for a Hacker is 3
years and in United States around 20 years and I am not aware of
anybody staying behind the bars for that long.

This move from Pakistan
was a real shocker but it is welcome as we have seen lot of cyber
fights happening and the recent increase in terrorists activity.


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Friday, November 7, 2008

Best way to recover Encryption keys or Passwords from Suspects during Digital Forensics Investigation

This is a bit unusual but a very effective way to recover encryption keys or password from a suspect. Does not matter what crime the person has done, Child Porn, Credit Card Theft, Financial Fraud or virtually anything online.The fraudsters are becoming smart and use multiple ways to hide data and conceal tracks and sometimes it becomes difficult the recover encryption keys from the hard drive or RAM then what do you do ? Beat the shit out of the suspect and let him spit out the Encryption keys and Passwords. This method is very popular in India but not in other coutries like USA, UK,etc.

But it is a very effective solution, This was recently done by Turkish Police and they got all the details from the suspect like encryption keys and passwords, Now the next step is just to get the data out and submit in the court of law.