Sunday, September 7, 2008

Portable Google Chrome Browser Download

Google has unveiled a new browser Google Chrome with lots of features and is available for download - Portable Version

1) Simple UI - They didn't have good resources to do it.
2) Open Source - Candy for Tech Guys
3) Based on WebKit - Similar to Safari which makes chrome faster than IE and Firefox
4) Dynamic Tabs
5) Safe or Privacy mode browsing
6) Uses Less memory - We will see that in the near future when a full fledged version is out.
7) Sandboxed - So that a crash in tab 1 cannot crash the whole browser.

is right, What Google has done with Chrome is cool but again we cannot
ignore the security issues that will surface against the most advanced
browser :P

There are already Browser Crash issues being report
so there is no way you can say it is going to be a secure browser, I
had a test run but I am still not convinced about it. I will stick with
Firefox 3 for now.

Google wants to move everything to the web
hence they released this browser, this is for their own gain not for
community so anyways their focus will be more on Web Apps rather than

Google planned to sell Chrome by saying it is
Sandboxed and with full of security integrated but you can see it for
your self by clicking the link below with Chrome.

Click this link with Google Chrome for Magic

You can download the Portable version of Google Chrome from here


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